ALERT: Profile Spy Is Scamming Facebook Users Again

We’ve previously written about Profile Spy, a fake application which claims to let users view who has viewed their Facebook profile. As we wrote in the past, the application is not legitimate at all. Instead, the creators of this scam attempt to convince users to share the information multiple times on their profile and around Facebook before downloading the application. The users are then asked to complete a number of surveys and register for a mobile service that will charge you $19.99 each month. Do not complete this scam, instead share this article and let your friends know of the scam.

Right now there are hundreds of thousands of users that have tried this scam and it appears to be a wide scale attack. Where is the scam coming from? All of these sites and Facebook Pages are misleading users:

This scam could have already reached millions of users as the size of the scam has continued to increase in reach over the past 72 hours. Beware, this is a complete scam and you will not be able to view who visited your profile. Instead, in the worst case you’ll end up spreading the false information and end up losing your money. Share this article with your friends to keep them safe by clicking the share button above or the like button below. Thanks to AVG for pointing this out. If you see the following message, remember, it’s a scam:

OMG OMG OMG… I can’t believe this actually works! Now you really can see who views your profile!!! WOAH –>