Profile Photo Hacks Become Easier Than Ever

Profile Maker is one of a few new applications that let you creatively blend your main profile picture and the row of recently tagged photos into one giant display.

Profile Maker lets you creatively blend your main pic and the top row of recently tagged photos into one giant profile pic display, much like we saw a French artist do a few weeks ago.

Since the new picture-heavy Facebook profile launch earlier this month, we’ve been seeing people creatively use the new layout to their advantage. First, some savvy web designers figured how to use the rectangular profile pic and the row of five recently tagged photos in order to create one unified effect across their layout, whether it be one photo “cut up” to fit them all, or a series of photos that conveyed one single message or feeling. And French artist Alexandre Oudin worked with the new layout to make a picture of his eyes and face spill across his page.

Profile Maker is an application that can make your photos look like Oudin’s profile layout. You can quickly upload a new profile picture, move the photo around inside the frame(s), and then seamlessly “extend” the image across the row of recently-tagged photo.

This works best if you use a photo that either prominently features you, or an image with a panoramic view. Choose something that doesn’t fit either of these descriptions and it might look disjointed when put into the new layout.

And even ideal images need work in order to look right in the application, as you can see from the first attempt to use an image of me on a boat during my trip to Ushuaia, Argentina, close to the Antartica. Here is how it looked as soon as I uploaded it:

Clearly that’s not what I had in mind. As nice as the water looks on my rectangular profile picture, the tagged photos are too confusing and my face is completely lost. But then I used the zoom feature at the top of the page and I also dragged the photo around for a bit, and the thing started taking shape:

Now this featured me a little more prominently, but perhaps a bit much so. The mountains were lost, and where was the choppy water? After zooming out again and playing around a bit, I got the layout to work in my favor, highlighting both me and the setting:

As you can see, this layout can also spill over to your recent profile activity to make an even biggercanvas. Once you are happy with how each individual part looks, you click on the top right “create profile” icon and the app takes you to your new photo album. Click on the main rectangular picture and choose “Make this profile picture” and voila, you’re done.

It’s a pretty cool and easy trick, and the application easily guides you through the entire process. More and more of these photo apps are popping up, like Photo Magic and Oudinizer. Personally, I found Profile Maker the easiest and quickest way to get the job done.

Have you or your friends done something similar to your profile since switching to the new layout? Do you think we’ll start seeing more of these tricks in future?