PRNewser Poll: Is It Too Soon To Talk About Web 4.0?

Last week’s PRNewser Poll is closed and the votes are in.

We asked whether KFC was doing damage to its brand with a campaign that put female college students in pants that had the fast-food chain’s Double Down sandwich promoted on the bum. More than 77 percent of respondents said, “No. Most people won’t be bothered by the campaign, so KFC’s reputation is safe.” Good news for KFC, but what does that say about us?

On a different note, the PRSA 2010 International Conference is taking place this week and there are dozens of panel discussions and speeches taking place. One of them, hosted yesterday by Cision SVP Brett Safron, and VP of global business development Kevin McFall, was titled “PR and the Web 3.0 Revolution: You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet.”

The Cision execs provided a number of stats that demonstrate how much stuff is happening on the Web: 6.7 billion pictures on Flickr; McDonald’s pushed out 24 press releases in 2009, but has 25,000 social media mentions in a week; Lady Gaga’s 6.5 million Twitter followers outnumber Time magazine readers and NBC News viewers.

After establishing that there’s a lot of noise on the Web, Safron and McFall focused on things like and semantic Web that are meant to help make sense of it all.

It feels like we’re still getting a handle on what we have now, but the discussion left attendees with the feeling that we’re quickly approaching the next digital phase.

So our PRNewser Poll this week asks: Is it too soon to talk about Web 4.0?

The polls are open until next Monday.

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