Prisoners Using Drones to Smuggle in Tobacco and Phones

If there’s a will there’s  a way – and Amazon, is not the only one considering drones as one of the ways. These days, it’s prisoners who are using the unmanned aerial vehicle to deliver goods that can’t be otherwise obtained legally – like tobacco and cell phones.

In Calhoun, GA the state’s prison was getting delivery drop-offs via small hexacopters. The drones were manned by men in a nearby wooded area using binoculars and some drone-piloting skills. Prison guards got suspicious and went looking for them after seeing the UAV hovering around the prison gate – perhaps it wanted to send them a message. After searching the surrounding the guards found and searched four suspects who had plenty of tobacco and too many cell phones.  If convicted, the perpetrators could face up to 20 years of confinement – a fate that could be ameliorated with regular delivery of drone goods.