Prince Totally Over His Own Facebook Q&A

Prince facebook

Reddit AMAs are effective ways for celebrities and not-quite-famous people alike to get a bit of extra attention and elevate their profiles by interacting directly with the public. In the past, we asked whether such events could serve as a new kind of reputation management tool.

While Facebook Q&As are less…notorious, they do exist. In fact, Prince held one yesterday afternoon. Unfortunately for the 1.7 million people who “like” his page, the 13,000 people who liked or shared the announcement, and the 3,000+ users who submitted questions, the man chose to remain as mysterious as always.

He answered a single question: the first one.

The purpose of the event was to promote the two new albums Prince released this week, but he certainly didn’t mention them. Users posed lots of relevant queries like:

  • When will you put your videos on YouTube?
  • Will there ever be a sequel to Purple Rain?
  • Do you plan to release any live DVDs?
  • Will you guest on any more sitcoms?
  • Are you telepathic?
  • Our personal favorite: “Do we need to purify ourselves in Lake Minnetonka before we can get a reply?”

We would have asked him why he decided to sue 22 Facebook users for a cool one million dollars each after they posted bootleg videos of his concerts on their pages…and whether he and Dave Chappelle hang out together while hiding from the media.

But this is the only question he answered:

prince question

So he’s a sound tech guy, then. Fascinating.

We know that Kirin Sharma has managed Prince in the past and presumably still does today, but we hope he didn’t have any PR people managing the event. No way they would have let him skip out so early.