#PRFail: The GOP Tweets Its Way Into Black History Month Class

Over the weekend, a tweet went unnoticed by most of the national media but the social media trolls picked it up like a $100 on a subway floor. The GOP sent this picture out as a touch of class to commemorate Rosa Parks.

Mind you, many consider her act of heroism and bravery not only the onset of the Montgomery Bus Boycott but also the Civil Rights Movement itself.

Unfortunately, this picture and inspirational quote from Ms. Parks was accompanied by a rather unfortunate sentiment by the Grand Old Party:

“Today, we remember Rosa Parks’ bold stand and her role in ending racism.” 

Whoops! And this is the same party that freed the slaves with Lincoln at the helm? Both he and she would be so proud as this tweet created genius…after the jump.

Aside from not understanding the biology in that Rosa Parks actually had a bold sitting in her role, said contribution didn’t end a thing. It started the outcry. She is the “Mother of the Civil Rights Movement” and then there’s that act of brilliance by the GOP. Which was met by an equally act of brilliance: the hashtag #RacismEndedWhen:

According to BuzzFeed, #RacismEndedWhen was initiated by someone I am proud to follow: the lovely @FeministaJones, when she opined this gem at 10:59 a.m.

And there are others in this glorious dogpile, such as: Funny lady and the reason why I adore “The Daily Show” (she helped create it)

Following this greatness

My girl from North Texas and snarky as they come

Don’t know her, but I follow her…now

And, although I didn’t tweet it, I sure thought about this journey down Amnesia Lane. (Shout out to Arsenio and that other guy in the clip.)