How Young Is Too Young To Start Tweeting?

Seeing teens on Twitter is nothing shocking. But what about tweens? Elementary schoolers? Preschoolers?

A recent episode of a popular kids’ show had its host use Twitter and Facebook, as well as a “play book”, texting, blogging and emailing for its young audience’s benefit. But is is it too early for toddlers to be learning how to tweet?

During the airing of a recent episode of popular ABC kids’ show Play School, host Matt Passmore not only sat down at his computer and checked his email, but he also sent a tweet and texted a friend, saying, “What can I do while I wait, I know – I will Twitter. Everyone loves my Twitter.” spoke with the producers of Play School about the recent incorporation of technology into their program.

Play School’s executive producer, Jan Strandling, says that technology and social media is becoming an integral part of the lives of preschoolers. She cites research that shows children as young as one able to use a smartphone, and says that children under five are already using the Play School iPhone app.

The show has been known to tackle issues of modern society, including homosexuality and space exploration, in an effort to acclimatize preschoolers with the world in which they live.

There will, of course, be those who say that children shouldn’t be learning how to tweet at such a young age. It’s not necessarily something they’re actually going to do for many years, and it might distract them from their other learning.

Still, smartphones, tablets and their future incarnations are here to stay, and so is social media. Maybe learning about them now will help children use them more effectively in the future.

What do you think? Should preschoolers be taught about Twitter and other social networks, or are they too young? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

(Child sized a4tech keyboard in use by Leon Brooks)