Prep Up Your Social Networking Profiles with Free Stuff from

spacegravy.jpgI must admit that I admire social networkers who have the time to modify their profiles’ layouts with cool and punky backgrounds that may annoy us oldies, but then you got to give it to the young generation for having the patience and the ingenuity to liven up their social networking profiles. But thanks to, us older generations of the web can now have the chance to liven up our otherwise boring social networking profiles with cutesy and artsy backgrounds and themes. is a convenient location where you can find free stuff for social networking sites that includes Friendster, Xanga, MyYearbook, Virb and MySpace. The site even offers easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to install the following free stuffs for your social networking profiles:

  • layouts,
  • backgrounds,
  • contact tables,
  • extended network banners,
  • glitter graphics,
  • text generators
  • and flash widgets

So, are you ready to prep up your social networking profiles? You can do it in three simple steps at

  1. Go to the SpaceGravy main site and click on the “select profile website” tab located on the upper right hand side of the main portal,

  2. Select what design category you would like to enhance (layouts, backgrounds, etc.),

  3. Select the design you want and click on the “Click here to copy code”,

And as an example to add the code in your MySpace profile, just do the following steps:

  1. Login to your MySpace profile,

  2. Click on the “Edit Profile” link,

  3. Right click inside the “About Me” box, and choose select all in the pull down menu,

  4. Right click again and click on paste,

  5. Preview your new profile,

  6. Then save if you are satisfied with the result.

Easy right? Check out my MySpace profile where I used an anime design for the background.