PreCentral Notes Palm OS Emulator in the Palm Pre

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precentral’s Deiter Bohn notes what looks like a Palm OS app emulator in the soon-to-be-released (or so we’re told) Palm Pre smartphone. In…
WebOS to Support Palm OS Emulation!
…Dieter tells us to watch closely at the 9:25 mark of his Pre video walk-through (see video embedded above).
You can learn more about the Palm OS emulator here…
MotionApps Classic
A Palm OS emulator for the Palm Pre makes a lot of sense and provides Palm loyalists a natural upgrade path by letting them bring their legacy apps to the new Pre platform. Note, however, that there is a third party Palm OS emulator available right now for Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 (Nokia) smartphones. It is called the…
StyleTap Platform
…and is available for $49.95.