Pre-Murdoch Wall Street Journal Managing Editor Walked With $6.4 million

Don’t cry too hard for Marcus Brauchli, the former Wall Street Journal editor who resigned from the paper four months after Rupert Murdoch acquired it from the Bancroft family.

Now executive editor at The Washington Post, it’s always been a closely-guarded secret how much Brauchli got to walk away from his position, but the new book on the Murdoch/Bancroft saga by Sarah Ellison has finally revealed the number to be $6.4 million.

Ellison’s book War at the Wall Street Journal, which was reviewed two weeks ago by New York Times‘ media writer David Carr, includes a section about Brauchli’s departure quoted in Politico today, as stating that the editor “was due $3 million regardless of how he left Dow Jones” and his lawyer negotiated an extra $3.4 million from News Corp., ostensibly to have him leave with as little fuss as possible. Even more money was given to Dow Jones chief executive Rich Zannino, who got a cool $20 mill to leave the company.

Between these figures and the $60-a-share that Murdoch gave the family to hand over WSJ and Dow Jones to News Corp., you start to get the sense of how intensely the mogul wanted the paper. Which is crazy, since even at the time of the deal, Murdoch’s tunnel-vision for owning The Wall Street Journal was thought of as insane. These numbers may just be the icing on the cake.

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Photo via Washington Post