Prashant Modi Explores Strategies for Raising Environmental Awareness

As the President and Chief Operating Officer of Great Eastern Energy Corporation Limited (GEECL), Prashant Modi is a leader in the energy industry, and has come to represent progressive measures for boosting environmental awareness and protection in India. Specifically, GEECL has gained a reputation for developing innovative techniques in coal-bed methane gas exploration, providing essential resources and making efforts to reduce impact on the planet and improve energy conservation.

While GEECL has already made significant achievements in the area of environmental protection and energy conservation, Prashant Modi believes it is essential for his company to continue exploring new possibilities to improve global energy production and consumption rates. As GEECL continues to make a positive impact on the environment in India and beyond, Modi remains a strong advocate of raising awareness about environmental protection.

Although the concept of “going green” has become a widespread one, Modi notes that making a positive change means more than talking about these issues—every citizen needs to be encouraged to make small, yet beneficial changes in their lifestyles to help contribute toward environmental health. Here are just a few ways to not only promote discussion, but action in regards to creating a more eco-friendly society:

  • Focus on the Financial Aspect

On paper, protecting the environment may appear more relevant and essential to society than sustaining personal finances. However, Prashant Modi explains that for individual consumers, highlighting cost savings is one of the greatest ways to motivate change. In terms of eco-friendly actions, Modi encourages advocates to discuss the ways that simple efforts can dramatically reduce living expenses for individuals.

For example, individuals who install better insulation in their homes, turn off lights or adopt other conservation tips will often find that their energy bills decrease dramatically—especially during high-energy months in the summer and winter seasons. By taking small steps to save money on monthly bills, citizens will gradually find that they are taking part in a collective effort to save the planet as well.

  • Make it Fun

According to Prashant Modi, one of the best ways to get people to start thinking about the environment and take action to improve the planet is to organize a community event related to the matter. For instance, those who are passionate about reducing waste may organize a community cleanup in a park or beach. However, while that is a great first step, getting people to become involved in the event is another challenge.

Those who are spearheading community events for environmental awareness should find a way to make them more exciting, allowing participants to have fun while they contribute their time and effort toward the planet. Some may host eco-friendly fundraiser parties to boost awareness of certain causes, allowing patrons to donate money to have fun at a social gathering. Others may create cleanup events around a certain theme that caters to the type of people one wishes to attract. Whatever an event organizer chooses to do to make a cause more appealing, Prashant Modi suggests that those who participate will find that protecting the environment can be a fun activity.

  • Go on an Eco-Vacation

People love to travel, but often these activities can be extremely hazardous to the environment, generate waste and compromise resources. However, ecotourism is a growing trend that many consumers have begun to pursue as a way to explore the planet, learn more about various ecosystems and become more connected to the cause of environmental protection.

Prashant Modi encourages those who are planning vacations with friends or family to suggest one that follows the lines of ecotourism. By doing so, travelers will get a chance to boost local economies, see unique parts of the planet, gain a one-of-a-kind experience, as well as witness the vast, impressive qualities that the natural world offers.

Although many businesses follow models to retain consumers and appeal to their interests, it is very important for companies to realize that their brands have a major impact on shaping society and its approach to environmental protection. Having built a company that is focused on eco-friendly efforts, Prashant Modi has witnessed firsthand the tremendous influence that businesses hold in helping raise environmental awareness.

While big companies are vital to transforming the public’s understanding of environmental protection, Modi notes that small businesses also play a major role in shaping consumer perceptions. As more consumers grow supportive of small businesses, it is important for business owners to make sure their companies engage in eco-friendly, socially-responsible practices. Customers that find their local businesses are willing to contribute to environmental protection—such as by using recycled materials or energy-efficient tools—will often be inspired to make lifestyle changes to meet the same goals.

Businesses can also encourage environmental protection by supplying incentives for eco-friendly practices. For instance, grocery stores that provide discounts to customers who shop with reusable totes will find that they can help contribute to waste reduction by a considerable percentage. While all companies have their own brands and identities to maintain, Prashant Modi says there are many exciting options for businesses to encourage eco-friendly actions and sustain whatever image they represent.