PR Win: Joey Skaggs Earns Coverage for ‘April Fools’ Day Parade’

File under "impossibly ridiculous stories."

Could there be a more perfect topic on a day like today than a PR veteran winning coverage for a non-existent client?

Joey Skaggs (homepage here), who has all but mastered the art of the crazy stunt, took the practice to new extremes this week by convincing New York-based Chinese TV station Sinovision to cover his fake “April Fools’ Day Parade.”

Here’s the segment:

This is all ridiculous enough on its own, but you really need to see the press release, which claims that the parade would star Grand Marshall/Mayor Bill de Blasio wearing an “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirt.

The best part about the story? Skagg didn’t even pitch it — Sinovision contacted him directly after seeing the press release, and the past parades he mentions in the video above were stunts perpetuated by his own crew.

Sinovision staffers seem to believe the story, don’t they? When contacted for comment, Skaggs said:

“There’s never been a shortage of fools.”

Happy April Fools’ Day.