PR Fail: Worst. Job Description. Ever.

Today in Horribly Offensive, Poorly Planned Metaphors: Crossroads Consulting, an “executive search firm and employment agency”, recently posted a job listing for a gig at one of the “fastest rising Public Relations firms in the New York New Jersey area”–and it should land someone in very hot water.

In describing the ideal candidate for a…damn, we can’t even really explain how bad this listing is. We’ll let the screenshot speak for itself. They key line comes at the end of the second paragraph:

Someone very wisely removed the listing,* but we’ll reprint the key line again for dramatic effect:

“Our client wants someone who’s not afraid to go after radio, television, broadcasting and newspapers like they were Gabourey Sidibe at an All-You-Can-Eat dessert bar…”

Yep, you read that right. And it was a more effective wake-up call than our second cup of coffee this morning.

Let’s guess, PR pros: What client might this be? And who would be stupid enough to write a line like that? Did Crossoads Consulting even realize this ad was posted on their behalf?

*CORRECTION: The listing is still up under a slightly different URL. Click and marvel at its brilliance.

@PatrickCoffee Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek.