PPCGeeks Got Windows Phone 7 News Leaks: Folks, It Ain’t Pretty

We haven’t seen much written about Windows Mobile 7 recently – except that it not even close to being delivered and that when it is delivered it will probably be too late to compete with the next generation of other platforms like the Android, BlackBerry, and, of course, iPhone. But, assuming anyone still cares about the future of Windows Mobile, PPCGeeks says they have a crystal ball reading on the topic of Windows Mobile 7…

EXCLUSIVE Breaking News : Windows Phone 7 Details Emerge From The Depths

So, what’s new/different?

– The new user interface (UI) is similar to the Zune HD UI. If Microsoft uses words like “souful” and “alive” as quoted in the article, there will be worldwide smirking and snickering.
– No Adobe Flash support. To which I say, Yay!
– Microsoft is adopting an iTunes App Store model by only allowing app delivery through a market. This may work out in the end though there will be a lot of screaming and hand-wringing for a year or two (assuming Windows Mobile survives that long)
– Apps can only be installed in system RAM (no more installing apps on a Flash memory storage card). This is a horrible plan.
– No multi-tasking support. This is another horrible idea in several ways. First, it removes the ability for vertical market multi-tasking app suites. Second, it is a sad admission that after 14 years of mobile platform development, Microsoft has no idea how to manage a multi-tasking mobile platform.
– No NetCF (dot-net Compact Framework) app compatibility. This will cause a huge developer relations problem (to say the least). But, like the single app market model, it may work out well in the end. Microsoft needs to make a clean break from the broken Windows Mobile 6.x model.
– Device availability by September 2010 – Too little too late, I’m afraid. iPhone OS 4 will be available by then. Android and other platforms will probably have their next generation releases available too.
– Full Zune integration. Oh yes, Zune HD has been a huge so success, so… Oh wait… Never mind.
– Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) bites the dust and will join ActiveSync in the Windows Mobile sync graveyard. The Zune desktop will be used for syncing. I’ve had a lot of issues with Zune incomplete syncs. I’m not looking forward to this development at all.
– XBox gaming integrating. Well,that took long enough! The first Xbox was released in November 2001. So, it only took Microsoft a decade to figure out this integration might be a good thing. What is this? A generational project?
– Full support fo “social networking”. Sigh. What can I say. Late to the game folks.

Via Techland: Rumor: Windows Phone 7 Detailed In Full