Potential MaxiVista for iPad Privacy/Security Issue: Someone Else Could See Your Extended Display

I bought, downloaded and installed the $9.99 MaxiVista for iPad app as soon as I read Frank’s review of it yesterday.
Use An iPad As A Secondary Windows Monitor
It works as well as Frank says. However, it has a potential privacy/security problem that you should be aware of if you buy and use the app. The app does not provide any way to identify specific Windows PCs. So, here’s the situation you should be aware of:
1. You have the MaxiVista’s Windows server software running on your Windows PC
2. Your MaxiVista for iPad app is NOT on
3. Someone else is running MaxiVista for iPad
At this point, the secondary display on your PC will appear on the other person’s iPad display. If you happen to move a window with sensitive information on it partly on to the other screen, the information from that window will appear on the other person’s iPad. This is not an unusual action. I sometimes move a window partially off my main display to see something under it and then move the obscuring window back.
A partial work around for this is to find your iPad’s IP address and set it in the Windows PC’s MaxiVista software options. This will point the Windows PC at your iPad. There are relatively simple ways to get around even this, however.