PostSecret Founder Answers All Questions at Reddit

PostSecret is no longer a secret.  The postcard secrets service that lets people send in their deepest anonymous secrets on a home-made postcard has been running since 2005, and founder Frank Warren took the time out to talk with the Reddit community on Friday to answer people’s questions about the service.

Frank introduced himself and answered questions for hours.  He discussed some of the weirdest and wildest postcards he’d ever seen, and although he had a few hiccups with the format, people seemed to dig his answers and he got a ton of upvotes, unlike that Rampart star who botched his AMA recently.  Here is one of his most upvoted comments.

For me the most disturbing secret was a photograph of a young girl who had cut her face so that it appeared as though she was crying blood tears. (I just remember that image not the secret.)

Another time I was contacted by the FBI about a secret. I am unable to share the details of that secret.

He also answered the big question of how he actually determines what to put in the book.

I get hundreds every week and try to select secrets for that I have not seen before or that express a common secret in a new of visually interesting way. I always try to include secrets that touch on the full range of human emotion. So there will always be at least one secret that’s funny, shocking, erotic, controversial, hopeful, etc. I also try to arrange the secrets so they tell a story.

Check out the entire Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) here.  Also, Frank also linked to his TED talk, where he talks about “half a million secrets” and reveals some of the best he’s ever seen. It’s a highly entertaining watch!