How To Post Tweets To Facebook Without Ticking People Off

Oh bother. Are you having trouble auto-posting your tweets to Facebook today? If so, you’re not alone.

But either way, we have an idea about what you can (and should) do when it comes to posting those tweets on Facebook. This is a cross-poster must read!

If your connection to Facebook (in Settings, then Profile, scroll down – or read this) has somehow disconnected, you’ll likely try to reconnect. And when you do, you’ll get this unwelcome message:

But don’t worry. It’s likely a temporary interruption. But we think you should take it as a sign from above that it’s high time you stopped this nasty auto-posting habit and give it up for Lent or a late New Year resolution or whatever holiday of your choosing.

Why do you need to stop? Here’s why:

Twitter is a high-volume network, where you can tweet ten or twenty times a day and no one will say boo. Because you are encouraged to follow lots of different people – those you know and those you don’t – and because you don’t require their permission to do so, Twitter is a more informal and loosely connected network.

Facebook, on the other hand, is much more personal. You friend people who have to accept your friend request, implying some level of familiarity. The volume of updates on Facebook is much, much less than on Twitter! People expect one, maybe two status updates a day, maximum.

We’re not saying you should go cold turkey though (the horror!). We have a kinder, gentler solution that should keep everyone happy: Selective Tweets.

This handy little Facebook add-on allows you to send only those tweets tagged with #fb to Facebook, so your friends will no longer hide your updates. Sure it will cost you 3 characters, but aren’t your Facebook friends worth it?

How do I know this disconnect happened by the way? Let’s just say I’ll be joining you on this Facebook fast. (And disregard the typo in my tweet. Doh.)

(Sad man image from Shutterstock)