Twitter-Owned Posterous Is No Longer Accepting New Sign-Ups

Are you still using Posterous, the once-popular blogging platform that as acquired by Twitter in March of last year? Well, heads up, as Posterous has stopped accepting new sign-ups, which could mean that the service might be on its last legs.

If you head on over to and click on the Sign Up button, you’ll get an error page.

While it’s certainly true that this might just be a temporary glitch, by all indications this has been a problem for the best part of a week now, which would be remarkably slack for the usually quick-to-react Posterous, who are still busy sorting out other issues on the site.

So while you would have thought they could have prevented new sign-ups in a slightly more elegant fashion, this doesn’t look like good news for Posterous fans. And while no official announcement has been made by Twitter, if you haven’t backed up/exported your Posterous posts, you really shouldn’t delay any longer.

(Hat tip: TechCrunch.)