Post Taps Chandrasekaran As New AME

rajiv.jpgThe Post announced late Friday afternoon that Rajiv Chandrasekaran, one of the paper’s star Iraq correspondents will be getting a major promotion when he returns from book leave: He’ll be the AME for Continuous News, the paper’s awkward title for overseeing online updates.

“Ever since he started as a summer intern, he has been one of the most energetic, smart and hard-driving journalists in the newsroom,” Executive Editor Len Downie told the paper. According to Downie, Chandrasekaran “demonstrated real vision about the future relationship between the newspaper and its Internet site” during the selection process.

The paper’s website is becoming a bigger and bigger part of its operations and has greatly increased the paper’s visibility across the country, even as circulation has fallen dramatically here in the capital region.

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September 16, 2005 :: AME/CONTINUOUS NEWS

We are very pleased to announce that Rajiv Chandrasekaran will be the next Assistant Managing Editor for Continuous News.

During more than a decade at The Post, where he arrived as a summer intern, Rajiv has blazed a path across Metro, Financial, and Foreign. On Metro, he did first-rate work in Prince William and Loudoun counties. As Financial’s technology correspondent, he distinguished the paper in his coverage of the Microsoft anti-trust trial and the Y2K frenzy. He joined the foreign staff in 2000 as our highly intrepid and prolific Jakarta bureau chief, moving to Cairo and then Baghdad on the eve of the U.S. invasion in March, 2003. During the invasion and for the next 18 months, Rajiv set the gold standard for Baghdad bureau chiefs. He produced the best coverage of the American occupation while managing the most complex and dangerous overseas operation in the history of the newspaper. Rajiv was also a pioneer in The Post’s growing multimedia operation, experimenting with journalism on a variety of platforms and helping build a global audience for The Post’s work from Iraq. He is the ideal person to take the collaboration between the newsroom and to the next level, and beyond. He will work with Jim Brady and our colleagues at wpni to grow the appeal of Washington Post journalism for an ever-expanding readership and viewership.

Rajiv will be assisted in this effort by the extraordinary staff of the Continuous News Desk. Lexie Verdon, who has been a key part of our newsroom web operations since joining PM Extra in 2000, will become Deputy AME for Continuous News. Lexie and others on the CND have demonstrated during the last two weeks’ storm coverage and the Roberts hearings the enormous accomplishments, and continuing promise, of our web journalism.

Lexie will supervise Continuous News until Rajiv completes writing a book about Iraq. He expects to move into his new post Jan. 1.