Post Meets Heywood Jablome

The Washington City Paper’s talented Erik Wemple has discovered that the Post got taken for a ride as part of its inauguration coverage. In his column this week, which isn’t online yet, he points to a Post photo from last Friday showing a “dowdy, middle-aged white man in a tuxedo shouting down a less formally dressed anti-Bush protester.” The caption in question read, “Outside the Freedom Ball at Union Station, Rich R. Danu of Detroit waves his wallet at protester Antonia Clark of New York, left, telling her ‘I’d like to thank George Bush for his tax cuts.” Kudos for the Post for capturing some of the daily fight between the haves and the have nots, huh?

Not exactly. The tuxedo-clad man was a member of Billionaires for Bush, whose other participants included Ivana Moore-Enmoore, Robin Eublind, and Fillmore Barrels. Rich R. Danu, get it?

The real-life “Rich” is actually Norman Clark, 48, of Michigan, an unemployed liquor consultant (Sidenote: you think that job is as fun as it sounds?).

The Post’s reaction to being taken? Classic. “Oh shit, I hate it when that happens,” responded Joe Elbert, AME for photography. I’m sorry, Joe, was that on the record or off the record?

Considering this same sort of thing has happened before, you sort of wonder whether newspapers should set up a database of these to cross-check names against.