Pornhub Has an Idea to Stuff Your Stocking for the Holidays

When you care enough to only send the very creepiest.

We all have Christmas lists — those large hopeful ideas to mail to Santa believing that jolly old St. Nick will see your name on the “nice” list and KA-CHING! You hit the jackpot.

Good thing too, because now all those dirty old men have a reason to stay on the “naughty” list. Porn.

Every brand on the planet is fighting for air time to get in front of the consumer before Dec. 25, and PornHub has officially entered into the fray for its premium gifting service.

Their recent commercial shows folks sharing the Yuletide joy sometime in the ’90s  (a Polaroid instamatic makes an appearance.) Then, the camera happens upon some octogenarian ignoring his oxygen intake in the corner. That’s when the grandson skips into action.

He grabs a giftcard, gramps opens it, apparently gets some wood, and offers an embrace because he’s now the proud owner of a PornHub Premium gift card. For a porn — best acting ever.

“With the holidays upon us, we wanted to provide our community with the opportunity to give the most touching gift of all to their loved ones,” said Corey Price, vice president of Pornhub.

See the featured photo? “Touching”… yeah, you see what they did there. (And yes, that is SFW.)