Polycom and Motorola Team to Provide Polycom Telepresence m500 for the Xoom. But, What Does It Do?

In the days before Facetime, Gtalk, and even Skype, video conferencing was a complex and expensive task. Only businesses and governments had video conference facilities which often was in a special room with hidden electronics and where food and drink were not allowed. If you had the need for a video conference systems, one of the companies you had on your list to speak with and get a quote from was Polycom (founded in 1990).

If Skype and Facetime and a number of other good, and often free, video call services do not provide quite enough telepresence features for your mobile devices, this announcement from Motorola and Polycom may interest you.

Polycom and Motorola Team to Extend MobileTelepresence to Motorola XOOM

The Polycom Telepresence m500 Android app for the recently released Motorola Xoom tablet claims to provide HD personal telepresence and deliver improved enterprise collaboration and productivity by enabling users to easily connect and share content virtually anywhere via one-to-one or group video experiences.

So, what is it that this app actually does? The press release does not provide any function list or use case for it. So, we’ll have to wait until it is released later this year (second half of 2011) to find out.

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