39% Of US Adults Have Engaged In Political Activity On Facebook Or Twitter [STUDY]

Politics has permeated social media, from Twitter town halls to political parody accounts. But just how politically active are social media users?

A study conducted this month by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project found that over two thirds of US adults have done at least one of eight core political activities using social media.

Pew found that generally, social media users who regularly talk about politics and those with stronger political party and ideology ties are more likely to use social media to perform political activities.

Specifically, 38 percent of social media users use it to promote or “Like” political content that others have posted, with Liberals more likely than Republicans to “Like” something (52 to 42 percent respectively). 34 percent have used social media to write their own political comments, and 33 percent have used it to repost or retweet content related to political or social issues.

34 percent of users have logged on to Twitter or Facebook to encourage others to vote, while 31 percent have used social media to encourage others to take action on a political or social issue.

Interestingly, only 20 percent of social media users have bothered to follow politicians on Twitter or Facebook, perhaps indicating that they prefer to get their political news from other sources.

You can read the full report here.

Have you ever tweeted about politics? Or do you keep your political opinions to yourself online? Let us know in the comments below.

(Vote button image via Shutterstock)