Politicians Do a Decent Job Reading Mean Tweets About Themselves

We’re not Jimmy Kimmel‘s biggest fans, but we do like his “Celebrities Read Mean Tweets” series for illustrating two facts:

  • Twitter is a massive sh*tshow
  • Actors don’t take themselves as seriously as we think they do (or do they?)

Today NowThisNews decided to apply that great idea to the political realm with mixed results. The first one really is the best.

There’s a reason for this: in case you haven’t noticed, politicians’ feeds* are even more boring than those of, say, major PR firms.

You know it’s true.

The main thing we learned from this and other clips in the series is that social media lurkers who obsess over politics aren’t as funny as those who enjoy tweeting at their least favorite actresses.

It also reminds us of that time Scott Brown showed the world why pols shouldn’t bother responding to people who try desperately to engage with them.

In summary:

*Who’s the exception? Cory Booker?!

(H/T Gawker and NowThisNews)