Could Jerry Labriola’s Political Old Spice Spoof Get Him A Seat In Congress?

When Vermont’s Daniel Freilich spoofed Old Spice as part of his Senatorial campaign it left a bad taste in a lot of voters mouths. However, a new video campaign from Jerry Labriola, who is running for congress in the third district of Connecticut, shows that when you do something right you get a lot better results. Labriola’s video is well-crafted, makes some strong points about his campaign and is generally much more effective than Freilich’s sorry excuse for a campaign video.

Making an Old Spice spoof as part of a political campaign (or any campaign) is risky business. We’ve seen a lot of failed attempts, from Freilich to Cisco and everything in between. However, I really do think that Labriola’s video is a breath of fresh air.

That being said, I do think that Labriola has come out with this campaign a little bit after the fact. Old Spice has already moved on to the next campaign, trading in Isaiah Mustafa for NFL Superperson Ray Lewis, and the barrage of ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ parodies has already come and gone. Not to mention the fact that, although Labriola’s campaign is better than Freilich’s, Freilich did think of it first. With only just over 100,000 views it’s not likely that many Connecticut residents have seen the clip, but if they have will they be able to forgive Labriola’s vapid unoriginality?

What do you think of Labriola’s campaign? Do you think it’s got what it takes to get Labriola a seat in Congress?