Creepy Costumes Will Scare College Students Away from ObamaCare

What, you’re already sick of hearing about “ObamaCare“? But we’ve only just begun!

Today a political action committee called Generation Opportunity released the first shots in its coming war against the Affordable Care Act: two PSA-style commercials designed to convince impressionable college kids that the government should never get involved in healthcare administration and that they should opt out of any related plan as soon as possible. In order for the ACA to run as planned, the Obama administration will need to convince young, healthy people who don’t have insurance through their parents or their employers to buy it through the statewide exchanges created under the law.

Of course, if they do that then this might happen:

In order to save young Americans from this menace, Generation Opportunity will “host events at college football tailgate parties” and, we assume, more wholesome gatherings, handing out pizza and beer coozies urging everyone to “opt out.”

Pro-ACA advocacy group Enroll America already announced plans to appear at the very same schools, trying to make the opposite point. Something tells us one of the organizations’ stands will look something like this:

There’s an ad for guys, too:

The general message, according to Generation Opportunity President Evan Feinberg, is that young people will be better off with no insurance than with insurance bought through the exchanges (and provided by the same privately-owned companies).

The clips’ tagline is “Don’t Let Government Play Doctor”, because of course the groups and parties opposing ObamaCare would never dare regulate medical treatment for private citizens. For example, they would never pass a law requiring women to undergo unnecessary medical procedures simply because their voter bases don’t happen to like the decisions those women have made.

Both ads focus on the most invasive procedures as scare tactics, and their producers might be onto something: if you don’t have proper insurance, you’ll definitely never have to undergo a prostate exam or pap smear even if you need one, because you won’t be able to afford it!

Will these campaigns work? Given the fact that our college years did not include much in the way of logic, revelation or personal responsibility, we’ll say “maybe.”