Pocket Penguins by Calif. Academy of Sciences for iPhone: Penguin Cam!

Left to my own devices, I could stand around and watch a variety of animals just wandering around all day and enjoy it. Included in my long list of animals I enjoy watching are penguins. Who doesn’t enjoy watching penguins? You can stop reading right now and move on to the next Social Times blog item if you do not because this is all about watching penguins.

The California Academy of Sciences (in San Francisco) released a free app for the iPhone (it works on the iPad too but needs the 2x option to fill the display) that lets you watch real-time video from the academy’s African penguin exhibit.

Pocket Penguins

Tap the camera icon at the top left of the screen to see the three camera viewing options: Main, Underwater, Biologist. The first screenshot here is the Main view. The second screenshot below is the Biologist view and is a camera pointed from the other side of the enclosure. The third and final screenshot here shows the Underwater view. I never saw any penguins in the water. But, that is just a matter of viewing at the right time.

With 152 people providing ratings, the app has a solid and impressive 5-star average customer rating. As one customer wrote in the app’s review section: “Strangely soothing.”

As you might guess, the main purpose of the app is to encourage people to donate to the academy via SMS or to purchase tickets. Having made several visits to their facilities over the years, I can say it is well worth the effort.