Pocket Gems and W3i expand Android monetization partnership

Social mobile game company Pocket Gems announced it’s expanding its existing partnership with W3i. Under the expansion, W3i will provide monetization solutions for two more of Pocket Gems’ Android games, Tap Paradise Cove and Campus Life.

W3i will also provide monetization solutions for Pocket Gems’ other Android games and Pocket Gems will expand the use of W3i’s Offer Exchange. The Offer Exchange provides offers courtesy of an offer wall and featured alerts. Ad units, meanwhile, include videos and app installations, which means Pocket Gems can implement advertising in its Android games without having to integrate offer networks into its titles.

Tap Paradise Cove originally came out for iOS in March 2012 and is still going strong. Our AppData traffic tracking service shows the game is still the No. 39 top grossing app, the No. 25 top grossing iPad app, the No. 28 top grossing iPad game and the No. 37 top grossing game. Campus Life is performing even better: it’s the No. 32 top grossing app, No. 21 top grossing iPad app, No. 30 top grossing game and the No. 17 top grossing iPad game.

Pocket Gems continuing W3i’s partnership on the Android side of mobile monetization will probably make the former even more tempting for third-party developers to publish their games with. While the iOS versions of these games are clearly monetizing well, we regularly hear from developers with similarly strong free-to-play titles that the Android audience doesn’t monetize nearly as well (back in July, GameDuell told us iOS users outspend those on Android four to one).