Plurk Adds Search, Becomes Increasingly Attractive

Sometime in the past week or so, Plurk added a new search feature which enables users to search through all plurk on the site. For a site which makes it challenging to browse through entries by your friends, search is extremely useful. While the search feature does not currently enable users to subscribe to an RSS feed of a custom search, this new feature has made the site much easier to navigate.

This is one more step toward providing the full set of features provided by Twitter, which can’t seem to stay online as of late. Tamar Weinberg suggests that Plurk shouldn’t event be compared to Twitter though since it’s extremely noisy with their current timeline format. I think that with the addition of text support and alternative timeline views, we could have a new competitor to Twitter.

For the time being I am split between the two services but I have become increasingly attracted to Plurk as I receive many more replies for everything I write on there versus Twitter. You might even call me a plurk evangelist at this point given that I’m the second highest ranked plurker in Washington, D.C. I also appear to be the 354th highest ranked plurker overall.

Such an honor to be among the top ranks on plurk! Just as on other sites, I think the most important issue will be how to develop systems that most effectively cut through the noise. At this point it is no longer easy to track all the conversations on Plurk, FriendFeed, Twitter or pretty much any other site that I’m a member of. Have you found more effective ways for filtering through the noise generated by these new services?

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