Please, Please Don’t Make Me Contemplate His Abs!

I wish I could say that this was the first June Friday that I spent contemplating the age-old question: Does Brett Ratner have legs?

After the twin injustices of Crash at the Oscars and the Rat Man laying claim to so much BO booty last weekend (we went to war for this guy’s freedom to gloat in the gossips?), those of us demanding some satisfaction have something to route for this weekend: Jennifer Anniston’s love life.

While Variety rightly points out that the possibilities of The Break-Up toppling the Last Stand juggernaut are as slim as the devine Ms. A’s Rock And Republics, there is still hope:

Thanks in part to public attention on the stars’ personal relationship, pic is on track to have a strong bow for a romantic comedy.

Tracking is similar to that of March’s “Failure to Launch,” which opened to $24.4 million. “Break-Up,” which opens at 3,067 playdates, should do at least that well.

The wildcard is males. Pic is tracking very well with women, the typical aud for a romantic comedy. But interest is a little higher than normal among men, most likely due to presence of Vaughn.

I guess that explains those commercials they have been running featuring the lively banter between Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn rather than Jennifer’s steely midriff.

Personally, I think the long shadow of Vaugniston is to blame for the fact that the actress was actually quite good in the chronically under-appreciated Friends With Money and no one in the world seemed to notice or even care.