Playing dress-up with Style Me Girl

Style Me Girl is the debut iOS and Android game from Frenzoo, a Hong Kong-based company that recently raised $1 million in seed funding from investors including Efficient Corporate, Siemer Ventures, K5 Ventures and Metaverse Services. The game is a 3D fashion design game specifically aimed at women, and is available now from the App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

Unlike a lot of fashion-themed games on Facebook and mobile devices, Style Me Girl does not simply task the player with accumulating as many clothes and accessories as possible. Rather, it is more of a “fashion puzzle” game, where players are given various assignments in which they must create a specific “look” for a model. For example, the first model the player comes across is looking for a casual outfit to wear in the park, so the player must choose appropriate items of clothing for the occasion — or purchase additional items from the in-game boutique if they do not have appropriate items on hand.

Upon creating a “look” for the 3D animated model, the player is given the opportunity to take three photographs of them. They are then rated according to how well they understood the requirements of the look and given a rating out of three stars. They are also shown the checklist of how their score was calculated at this point, allowing them to retry if they wish. Hints can also be unlocked before the score is calculated by expending hard currency — this becomes something of a necessity if players want to score three stars on their first attempt, as some of the requirements are rather arbitrary.

Besides dressing models, players can earn money in a minigame called “Style Catch.” This is an accelerometer-based game in which players control a shopping bag at the bottom of the screen and must catch a specific combination of items for their customer. Successfully completing the list and then catching a “Checkout” item rewards the player with soft currency. The reward can be increased by collecting “coin” items, which increase the tip value given at the end of the exercise, but collecting too many of the same item or the wrong item reduces the tips. Collecting a “Checkout” item too early fails the level.

The game monetizes through its hard currency, which may either be acquired via in-app purchase or a Tapjoy offer wall. Players can also receive bonus soft currency by sharing their fashion creations on Facebook or Twitter during play. It’s also possible for players to take photographs of their own character and share them to social networks in the “Look Book” feature, but this does not earn the player any additional in-game money.

Style Me Girl is an interesting and well-presented game with good 3D models overlaid on high-quality background photographs. While the game is built around the female stereotype of fashion-obsessed girls, it is at least self-aware enough to comment on how ridiculous fashion can be through thought bubbles that appear above the player character’s head on the main menu — a particular highlight is when the character expresses a desire to “make a puffy jacket so puffy it will blot out the sun” or ponders whether or not she can fit inside a suitcase. The gameplay is simple, the objectives are rather arbitrary at times and it will likely be difficult to make significant progress through the game without spending at least a little real money on hard currency, but there’s a solid, straightforward little timewaster here for those who enjoy dressing up virtual girls.

The iOS version of Style Me Girl is not yet ranked on the App Store leaderboards, but shortly you’ll be able to follow its progress with AppData, our tracking service for social games and developers. Meanwhile, Google reports that the Android version has been downloaded over 100,000 times from Google Play, and the title is also available on other Android app stores alongside this.