PlayFirst announces acquisition of Big Head Mode IP

Image via PlayFirst

Diner Dash developer PlayFirst has announced its acquisition of the game portfolio and IP of mobile app developer Big Head Mode. This move will see multiple Big Head Mode employees joining PlayFirst in leadership positions.

Former CEO of Big Head Mode Tipatat Chennavasin will join PlayFirst as Director of Product Management, while Big Head Mode Co-founder Richard Au will become Senior Director of Engineering.

Big Head Mode is responsible for several mobile advancements in the world of game personalization. The company’s games, including ZombieFace and PuppetFace, allow players to insert their own faces into apps, becoming celebrities, princesses, or even deadly creatures like zombies. In the case of PuppetFace, players’ voices can also be recorded and added to the app.

“Tipatat and Richard, with their other co-founders at Big Head Mode, have created outstanding technology that helps meld together social graph attributes with mobile apps. As we move forward together, we will work on integrating these approaches across the mobile game portfolio at PlayFirst,” said Marco DeMiroz, president and CEO of PlayFirst, in a company statement. “Additionally, both Tipatat and Richard bring leadership and skills to PlayFirst that will help us continue to build leadership and momentum in mobile gaming.”

The terms of the acquisition haven’t been revealed, but it’s expected that Big Head Mode’s personalization features will make their way to PlayFirst’s most popular franchises in the future.