Playdom’s Social City is the Latest Facebook City Building Game to Get Millions of Users

Given the success of simulation games like Zynga’s FarmVille, it has seemed a matter of time until social game developers started making social versions of the hit computer game SimCity. And they have, over the last couple of months – and now we have what could be quickly becoming a hit. Playdom launched Social City around March 3rd, and a little over a week later it has grown to 3.23 million monthly active users (MAU) and 1.67 million daily active users (DAU).

Check out our review of the game if you want to get the details — basically, Social City is one of the better titles in the genre, that we’ve seen so far. And other titles are growing, too. Broken Bulb Studios’ My Town is up to 3.52 million MAU, albeit it’s had a couple months to grow. It and a smaller city-building game from an unknown developer, Towner, both made our most recent list of the games that have gained the most DAU in the past week. My City Life, by a developer apparently named City Life, has been cresting at slightly above 4 million MAU.

We assume these games aren’t just growing because people like telling their friends about how much fun they are. Playdom, for example, has been running what appears to be a big ad campaign on Facebook promoting the game; it likely hopes the title will become the FarmVille of the genre before other big social gaming developers build their own. It has also been promoting it across its other applications. So far, the results seem to be paying off.