Playdom Acquires Three Melons Games

Playdom, one of the leading social game developers on the web, has announced their acquisition of the Three Melons game development company. Three Melons uses advanced technology to create social games for Facebook, and this acquisition follows recent moves by Playdom to acquire and partner with games companies.

Three Melons is an Argentian game developer with approximately 50 developers and approximately 150,000 daily active users on its Facebook game “Bola!”. Before Bola!, Three Melons created a series of advertising based games and games for other cmopanies. The team uses tools like Unity3D and other technologies to power their games, and this may be the reason for the acquisition.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Playdom,” said Mariano Suarez Battan, CEO of Three Melons. “The company has positioned itself for success in 2010 and we look forward to working as a team to deliver on that goal.”

Playdom has recently been working to expand its team to include new developers and games, having recently acquired Green Patch, Trippert Labs and Offbeat Creations. This latest move follows in the trend of gaining high production value games, as evidenced by Three Melon’s most popular title, Bola Social Soccer. The game has great animations and sound, and revolves around managing a soccer team by creating your team, building your stadium, earning more cash through better attendance and more. The game emphasizes social elements, asking you to play games against your friends to build up your skills, but the real surprise comes when you realize that you can play the games live in a full 3D stadium. In the practice, social and single player mode, players are treated to an arcade soccer experience, which rounds out the game as a full soccer simulation rather than just a strategic simulation.

Play Three Melon’s Bola! Social Soccer game here.