Play Facebook Games, Win Real Chocolates?

Interactive game publisher PlayFirst today announced that it will let players make and order award-winning Charles Chocolates confections in its popular Facebook game ChocolatierR: Sweet Society. This is one of the first mergers of virtual and digital goods on Facebook. More after the jump.

PlayFirst is taking heed from the likes of Zynga and Crowdstar with this unique brand integration with Charles Chocolates. We covered this game initially in May when it was still in beta. Players can not only produce these branded chocolates in-game but also order them once they are finished. Players will have access to five of the following artisan chocolate recipes to start out with: Chocolatier: Sweet Society include Jasmine Tea Truffle, Raspberry Heart Truffle, Milk Chocolate Peanut Butterfly, Toasted Almond Cluster and Classic Fleur de Sel Caramel. These can be unlocked as a set through gameplay and then ordered from within the game. There are currently 2 packages available: Chocolatier: Sweet Society box that includes box of 10 for $20.00 or a box of 20 for $35.00.

“This marks the first time a digital good ‘made’ on Facebook can be transformed into a real-world item and signals an important milestone in merging the virtual and real worlds,” said Eric Hartness, Vice President and General Manager of social games at PlayFirst. “We think players will really enjoy converting their in-game sweets into scrumptious treats from Charles Chocolates.”

We’ve been seeing some interesting brand integrations as of lately. Last week we reported Crowdstar’s collaboration with music agency Sparkart to incorporate Bon Jovi’s Greatest Hits collection in its popular titles. The bundle, which is exclusively sold through Crowdstar’s titles, includes branded virtual goods, Facebook Credits, and a coupon code for the Bon Jovi online store. And just a few weeks back we saw Zynga partner with the Farmers Insurance Group to launch a branded crop-protecting airship for FarmVille players.

The PlayFirst partnership on the other hand is more unique and could pave way for interesting deals for players: just imagine something like offering both a virtual good and real merchandise for the price of one. A platform called Mertado, that we covered in late October, is providing players with a seamless experience to purchase showcased products directly from within games.

“Charles Chocolates and Chocolatier: Sweet Society are both about creating fine artisan chocolates in an epicurean environment,” said Chuck Siegel, founder of Charles Chocolates. “Now we are giving virtual crafters of fine chocolate confectionary a direct line to our factory kitchen, transforming one-of-kind in-game recipes into delicious morsels that can be savored at home.”

Chocolatier: Sweet Society is the Facebook rendition of popular casual franchise Chocolatier that takes players behind the scenes of confection production. The social game currently has around 800,000 users.