Play-Doh Create ABCs brings the Alphabetic Principle to children on iOS

One of the most widely recognizable names in children’s toys has partnered with PlayDate Digital for an educational reading app on iPhone and iPad. Hasbro’s Play-Doh Create ABCs is the first educational app created in the Play-Doh brand’s 55-year history, and it was developed in-part with the input of educational expert Dr. Michael Cohen.

The Play-Doh Create ABCs app is meant for use by preschool-aged children as an intuitive introduction to the Alphabetic Principle. In other words, children will learn to recognize each letter, write letters in the proper order, and associate letters with sounds.

Part game, part learning application, Play-Doh Create ABCs comes with two gameplay modes. The first sees children writing individual letters. When successfully written, they’re rewarded with virtual Play-Doh that can be molded and crafted into their own designs and saved for later viewing.

The second mode focuses on initial letter sounds by asking players to match letters to pictures based on objects that all start with the same sound.

Outside of the learning play modes, parents can keep track of their child’s progress on personalized profile pages, or share their Play-Doh creations to their device’s camera roll for later sharing with friends or family.

The Play-Doh Create ABCs app is the latest in an increasingly large line of educational mobile apps aimed at children and teens. For instance, math-focused application The Digits teaches math concepts to children ages 7-11, while games like Smarty: My First Words help increase a young child’s vocabulary.

Play-Doh Create ABCs is now available to download on iOS for $2.99.