Plastic Logic’s 3G QUE to Cost $799

Previously we showed you a demo of the QUE from CES. Now that the details of the product have been officially released, we thought we’d share them.

The QUE, which is set to be available in mid-April, will come in two models, as we previously reported–a 4 gig version for $649, and an 8 gig version for $799. But here’s the catch: the 4 gigger connects to the QUE’s online store via Wifi, whereas the 8 gigger connects via 3G. So you get a lot more for your hundred and fifty bucks. With both models, you also get a power/USB cable, polishing cloth, wall charger, and quick start guide. More details are available at

Plastic Logic has also unveiled the QUE store, which looks like it will feature all the usual suspects in terms of books, plus QUE-specific content partnerships with periodical publishers and newspapers, including The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, The Huffington Post, and many others. Plastic Logic calls its periodical formatting “QUE truVue. In a press release, the company says “The QUE proReader enables newspapers, magazines, and other types of content to have a richer reading experience that is symbolic of their print editions, complete with photos and formatting.”

In the same release, Plastic Logic emphasizes its “proReader” concept–this is not a reader for casual eBook lovers. The company talks about the ability to convert documents for use on the QUE–Word, Powerpoint, Excell, and PDF. For a device this size that your company won’t foot the bill for, you might want to get the less expensive Kindle DX.