Planning to Buy T-Mobile Touch Pro2, But Tantalized by Dash 3G

YouTube video courtesy of MobileBurn

If I had to pick just one all-time favorite smartphone, it would probably be the Windows Mobile-based T-Mobile Dash (aka HTC Excalibur or S620). This non-touch screen phone was missing a few nice features like a GPS but made up for it in overall design excellence combining a great comfortable to hold design and rubberized backing, a great QWERTY thumb keyboard, decent battery life (though the battery needs to be replaced about every 9 months) and Windows Mobile’s much underrated phone dialing and contacts features (which is still better the iPhone and Nokia S60 IMHO). So, I watched with much envy has MobileBurn’s Michael Oryl took a hands-on look at its successor in photos and videos in this blog entry…

Live photo/video look at the T-Mobile Dash 3G

HTC took the basic Dash design and gave the Dash 3G more memory, 3G wireless data, a trackball and a GPS. However, after using the touch-screen based HTC TyTn, I’m re-convinced that I want a Windows Mobile smartphone with the superior version of Office Mobile and Excel Mobile provided by Professional Edition (touch screen) devices. So, I’m going to wait for the Touch Pro2, I think, maybe, hmm. That Dash 3G sure looks nice 🙂