Planning a Rebrand? Tips for Creating the Perfect Logo

Every brand has one, so it better be good.

135 logo transitionsWith nearly a decade in business under its belt, the 135th Street Agency unveiled a new logo during a private dinner event last week to celebrate honors it received at the 2014 NAMIC Excellence in Multicultural Marketing Awards.

During the dinner, creative director Shawndra Diaz told a story about being sidetracked by a hurricane this summer while preparing for her wedding in Puerto Rico. (!!) Inspired by that, you can see, in the center of the new logo, a replica of the swirl that shows up on a meteorological map when a hurricane is developing. Proof that the germ of an idea can come from anywhere.

And in keeping with the geographical theme of the original street sign, the hurricane swirl is surrounded by what resembles the modern map marker.

With their logo revamp complete, we thought we’d gather from them three tips for others who would like to freshen up their brand as well. Those tips are after the jump.

In an email, Diaz focuses on the approach to creating a new logo.

What is the story that you want to tell with your logo?
If you’re feeling that it’s time for a change with your logo, odds are, your company has changed in some way as well. What’s changed? What is the new story that you want to tell about your business? Your new logo should help convey that message.

To tweak or not to tweak?
Sometimes rebranding means starting completely from scratch, and sometimes it’s just about tweaking your current logo to fit a new purpose. …How much you include from your old logo and how much you leave behind will be based on how much your company messaging has changed. For us, we knew for sure that the one staple from the old branding that just had to carry over to the new one was the particular shade of green that we used. Aside from that, everything else was open for discussion. At first we tried updating the original logo’s fonts and effects but soon realized a completely new look was in order.

Always remember
No matter if you’re rebranding or if you’ve never had a logo before, one key piece of advice that I would give to you is to design your logo based on the company you are today, and the company you want to be 20 years from now. The best logos leave room for growth and therefore, stand the test of time.

If you’ve worked on a logo revamp and have tips, feel free to share them in the comments.