Planet 9 eBookstore Launched

Today marks the official opening of  the Planet 9 eBookstore and reading apps. This is a niche eBook provider, and it will focus on the Croatian market. It belongs to Hrvatski Telekom, the national telecommunications company for Croatia.

The Planet 9 reading apps are currently available for both iOS and Android. The interface for the Android app is in Croatian, which suggests that Hrvatski Telekom only plans to focus on the Croatian market. Considering that it is the notional phone company that would make some sense.

The technical work for Planet 9, including the eBookstore, reading apps, and customer billing integratation, was all done by txtr, the German eReader developer. This not txtr’s first all-in-one platform; while they don’t usually boast about it, offering complete solutions like the Planet 9 eBookstore is their specialty.

“Mobile operators are ideally positioned to take their share of this growing market. They decide which devices and services they want to offer, they already have the ability to handle invoicing online and last but not least, they already have a multimillion customer base. eReading is a great opportunity for them, since eBooks use relatively low bandwidth and have an attractive consumer price point in a mobile operator environment”, said Christophe Maire, CEO of txtr.

On a related note, this service actually launched a few weeks back, and it also includes a new eBook reader. Both the apps and the eReader can buy eBooks directly from Planet 9 with no computer required. Hrvatski Telekom customers can also upload their personal eBooks to storage space provided by Planet 9 and then download those ebooks from the apps and the Planet 9 eReader.