Pizza Hut Totally Steals Agency’s Joke

Not cool, pizza dudes

We bloggers know you’ve all read your share of takes on Brian Williams and Jon Stewart, so here’s a quick one about a massive pizza chain committing intellectual property theft crimes against a good-guy PR firm.

Praytell Strategy is an agency based in Brooklyn; back in August founder Andy Pray discussed his plans to work for free in order to attract top talent. (We need to ask him how that’s going…)

Praytell recently moved into the totally nondescript office building at 1000 Dean Street in the Prospect Heights neighborhood. Now the building has personality: agency strategist Maggie Lee’s “weird office pet project” is @1000DeanStreet, which is a sort of pseudo-“e_books” inside joke for people who know what Weird Twitter is.

Some examples:

You get it. Anyway, last week the account attempted to get America’s biggest names in pizza to respond to a jokey take on a popular hashtag:

Domino’s did that thing we call “engagement” and Papa Johns had nothing to say.

Pizza Hut, on the other hand, straight up stole the joke. Less than two hours after the original tweet, the brand saw a marketing opportunity and took it…shamelessly:

 Someone noticed this blatant act of thievery:

But did the Hut respond? Of course not.

If Katy Perry “owns” Left Shark, then 1000DeanStreet definitely owns this joke.

For shame, massive national fast food chain!!