Pizza Hut Is Getting Fancy and Fit for November 19 Rebrand

But will the customers follow?

CherryPepperBombshellPizza Hut has announced the date — November 19 — when they’re going to introduce to the world five new “drizzles” (balsamic vinaigrette among them), 10 new crusts (one with Asiago cheese) and six sauces (including honey sriracha). There’s also going to be a Skinny Slice that has 250 calories. There’s even going to be a new pizza box and logo. So the company is really going all out.

USA Today is calling it the biggest rebrand in Pizza Hut’s 56-year history. The company’s CMO Carrie Walsh tells the newspaper, “We’re redefining the category.”

But when you look at the top comment on the Pizza Hut Facebook page, it’s from a customer asking them to bring back the Bigfoot pizza.

Is the world ready for Pizza Hut with sriracha?

Rebrands are always tricky. The key is sticking with what works while revamping what needs updating. The brand says the main components of its pizza are staying the same, but there will be more options.

Pizza Hut has seen its sales decline over the past couple of years. People are eating healthier, many tastes have evolved to include ingredients that were once only popular with certain diners, and fast food has undergone a shift. So an overhaul may be just what the doctor ordered here.

One research specialist who spoke with the newspaper says it might be a little too much too soon. Being too cautious about the rebrand wouldn’t serve the needs of the company either. People might be asking for the Bigfoot pizza, but if you present them with something new and tastier, they’ll roll with that. And Pizza Hut needs to do more than just stand out from other pizza joints, it needs to pull away from a competitive landscape of chain restaurants who are finding ways to meet the needs of customers.

Teasing the rebrand the way they have, even digging into the details on the company website, is a good way to prepare people for the change to come. Some people may now shy away from Pizza Hut, but we’re guessing more people will give it a try and they might even get some folks back. That Garden Party pizza is looking pretty good.

h/t Slate. Image of Cherry Pepper Bombshell Pizza via Pizza Hut