PIXO Launches Social Trivia Platform on Facebook, Mobile

PixoSocial gaming network PIXO is asking users to “question everything” via its trivia platform on Facebook and mobile devices. With PIXO, users can answer groups of trivia questions to earn points, with questions grouped into themes, from environmental conservation and science to sports, music and movies (among many others). In a twist for the trivia space, users are encouraged to create their own “Pixos” (groups of questions) for a chance to be paid if they’re used within the platform.

Players can access the PIXO app on Facebook (or browser) and iOS devices. When logging in, players receive a list of suggested Pixos to complete, or can browse for trivia questions based on their preferred category. Once users have selected a Pixo, they’re presented with the option of playing the category alone, against a friend or against a randomly selected opponent.

Each Pixo contains multiple rounds of questions (with each question accompanied by an appropriate image), but players have the option of leaving the Pixo and trying another (or coming back to it later) at round breaks during each game. Each question has a time limit, and players earn points for answering correctly, as well as quickly. At the end of a round, players can challenge their friends to answer those same questions.

As for question creation, users are encouraged to submit their ideas to the developer. When submitting an idea, users must include all of the necessary questions and answers, as well as a link to their photos for use alongside those questions. According to the game’s website, PIXO pays $100 for every Pixo published on the network.

Entertainment, sports and news publishers are also encouraged to create their own content for the network, which PIXO says will increase user engagement and drive traffic to those publishers, as players discover the questions within the game. Top PIXO publishers can join the Publisher Partner program, and share in the advertising and sponsorship revenues generated by their content on the platform. More information for publishers is available here.

PIXO is available to play for free on Facebook, and to download for free on the iTunes App Store.