Pixel Art: 12 Awesome Recreations Of Retro Game Heroes On Farmville

At their best, social games are a platform by which people can express their creativity and individuality to their friends in their social graph. When Kotaku posted a sweet recreation of 8-bit Mario on a Farmville farm, the commenters poured in to highlight their own creations. Here, we highlight 12 of these awesome 8-bit art recreations from Farmville.

Big Zelda

That sword would definitely help harvest the crops a bit faster.

Big Green Mario Mushroom

I’m not sure how well green mushrooms are going to sell in today’s recession, but go for it Farmviller!

Mario’s Koopa Magician and Evil Yoshi

He’s created a monster! The magician is casting spells on the poor little farmer guy.

Space Invaders

This farmer used all of his space to make this recreation. It’s almost as if he just played the game long enough to be able to make this!

Mario and His Supporting Cast

This is just really sweet!

Galaga Action

I don’t remember what crop generates that black colour in Farmville, but I’m hoping this guy didn’t have to burn his crops to achieve this effect.

Big Small Mario

If you’re going to make him this big, at least make him into Super Mario!

Mario, Yoshi and the Pipe

Is Mario running away? It’s almost as if Yoshi is threatening Mario and telling him to “Get in the Pipe!!”

Ghosts Unite in the USA

The ghosts from Pacman meet the ghosts from Mario brothers under a patriotic American flag. U.S.A.: the melting pot for ghosts worldwide!

Can You Recognize This One?

This one was a bit tough to recognize, but I’ll give you a hint: He’s one less than one!

Lack of Narrative

A great collage of characters that is tough to put into a story. Maybe something about the Gameboy casting a horizontal gravity spell countered by Link’s anti-gravity boots. Yeah, that sounds good.

Old Foes Bury the Hatchet

For all of you Farmville haters, you should know that social games have the power to unite long time foes like Sonic and Knuckles. Also: there is a mushroom and a ghost on this farm.