Pinterest Users More Likely To Buy, Spend Twice As Much As Twitter, Facebook Referrals [STUDY]

Based on the latest referral traffic and active user statistics, Pinterest has moved above LinkedIn as the third most-popular social network in the world – the daily number of Pinterest users has risen by 145 percent since January 1, 2012.

But where Pinterest is really making waves is as a source of referral traffic, notably in the e-commerce sector – a new study has revealed that buyers referred from Pinterest are not only 10 percent more likely to buy than those sent from other social channels, but they spend twice as much.

Shopify analysed data from 25,000 of their online stores, and discovered that Pinterest now delivers as much traffic to Shopify retailers as Twitter. Moreover, Pinterest-delivered customers spend an average of $80 with each order, twice that of both Twitter and Facebook.

This, and other key findings, are detailed in the infographic below which takes a closer look at how Pinterest drives online sales.

(Source: Shopify.)