Pinterest 3.0 embraces iOS 7 with swiping gestures, updated multitasking

Pinterest has today revealed details about its iOS app redesign, which takes advantage of the new design and features of Apple’s iOS 7 operating system. The latest major update to the Pinterest app takes the platform to Version 3.0, offering easier navigation for users, and more ways to discover interesting Pins.

More than 75 percent of all Pinterest usage occurs on mobile devices. That being the case, the app engineers at Pinterest worked to redesign the app in a way that responded to user requests, while also providing an overall better experience for the platform’s entire user base.

In a blog post about the redesign of the iOS app, engineer Steven Ramkumar explained the major changes. For instance, Pinterest on mobile now utilizes UICollectionView for the app’s grid view of Pins in searchable categories.

When a user finds something interesting in grid view, they can tap on the Pin to go into a closeup view, and then tap again to visit original websites for linked content (if they’d like). Each closeup view offers the ability to like, comment on and re-Pin content, with a long press on a Pin offering easier Pinning abilities from within the grid.

However, instead of always tapping on the “back” button to return to the grid and view additional Pins, the 3.0 update introduced support for swiping gestures. When looking at a closeup of a Pin, users can swipe left or right to discover more Pins, eliminating the need to zoom in and back out to the grid over and over again.

“Pinners spent a lot of time in closeup view of a Pin where they could see a larger image and more metadata,” the posts reads. “We determined that adding the ability for Pinners to swipe left and right to discover more Pins would be simpler, faster and a more engaging experience.”

In addition, the app also takes advantage of the improved iOS 7 multitasking capabilities, bringing new content to the app’s Home Feed without requiring users to manually refresh to find new content. If new Pins become available while a user isn’t actively using the Pinterest app, the screenshot for the app is updated in multitasking view, grabbing users’ attention to pull them back in.

Finally, the app’s most recent update, Place Pins, offers users a chance to add a map to their boards.

More changes will come to the Pinterest iOS experience in the future, and many changes will soon be added to the iPad version of the app. Pinterest is available to download for free.

You can follow the app’s growth on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.

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