Pink, Sparkly Politics: Mindy Meyer Runs for New York State Senate

Mindy Meyer’s campaign website is the pinkest, shiniest thing in politics since Elle Woods, which makes sense, as Meyer was reportedly inspired to get into politics by the film Legally Blonde.

The 22-year-old Meyer is running for the New York State Senate on the Republican and Conservative Party lines against Democratic State Senator Kevin Parker, and she has some serious supporters. According to The Huffington Post, Jerry Kassar, chairman of Brooklyn’s Conservative Party, stated on Meyer’s site:

“We endorsed her. We filed her petitions on the conservative party line and we anticipate her being a strong candidate. We were very excited after we met with her and I say she will be formidable and a strong contender. She has a maturity and an ability well beyond her years.”

The thing is, “serious” is just about the last word that comes to mind after viewing Meyer’s campaign site, which boasts more pink, sparkle, and animal print than Barbie’s Dream House. Not to mention the appearance of phrases like, “I’m Senator and I know it” and “Diva of the District.”

According to The Huffington Post, Meyer told City And State the following about getting into politics at such a young age, and the attitude of her campaign:

“I’m trying to attract a young crowd and recruit more young people. People in politics are out of touch with the younger generation, who are not voting, are not registered…My idea is to make it very contemporary, funky, cool, not like a typical senator’s website…Have you been to Kevin Parker’s website? You could fall asleep when you go to it, everything’s just red, white and blue.”

One thing is for certain — you’ll be in no danger of falling asleep while viewing (and listening to) Meyer’s site. Yes, it’s musical, too.