Pilots coming in for a landing at ABC, Peacock

Nikki Finke gets very upset and cross with us if we don’t reward her hard-fought TV upfronts reporting with a link.

It’s funny. Years ago, we remember the indefatiguable Jenny Hontz running around the Variety office in New York, foaming at the jowls, trying to nail down pilots that the networks had picked up, then fulminating about the lag time of publishing.

Today, the upfronts are a bit like egg salad sandwiches in the summertimes: They just don’t keep well. The internet has all but destroyed the relevance of the upfront advertising roadshow, because anyone desperate to know what’s been picked up need only go online to see the new fall schedule in dribs and drabs. Indeed, we hear Variety‘s TV editors aren’t even going to the upfronts this year.

Meanwhile, if you like your news in paragraph format with headlines and art, you can also check out the a little-late-to-the-party Hollywood Reporter coverage of NBC’s pick-ups – most of which Finke broke already a day ago, but with greater detail of the individual pilots.

We’re particularly excited about Tina Fey‘s untitled pilot, which the THR says is expected to be aired pending a few i’s and t’s. (Nobody pretends to play a typewriter like it’s an accordian in fishnets better than Tina.)

Happy landings!