Piers Morgan in the Crosshairs for Possible Ties to Phone Hacking Scandal

Piers Morgan at 'NotW' around 1995. Photo: Terry O'Neill / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Piers Morgan’s appearance on Conan last night where he took a few digs at Paul McCartney’s ex Heather Mills (and accused her of phone hacking!) belies the issues the CNN host faces as a result of his association with News Corp.

Gawker has already found Morgan guilty of some epic parsing in a statement about the Mills/McCartney hacking issue. Morgan has denied any hacking activities, but The Daily Beast is certain there will be an official inquiry in the UK of some sort. A statement from MP John Whittingdale backs that up.

He may be the host of cheeseball TV show  America’s Got Talent (“talent” being used loosely here) but he’s also a top personality at CNN. The network is sticking with him so far, but things can change.

With nothing concrete presented, Morgan’s continued and persistent denials of any wrongdoing, and ratings for Piers Morgan Tonight on an upward trajectory, it makes sense that the network would stick with Morgan.

But anything that could taint the network’s reputation or get it mixed up in that scandal would certainly turn the relationship sour in a hot minute. CNN could definitely bring back Larry King for a few weeks if it needed to hire a new host.

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