PhotoTime Launches Photo Organization App on iOS

Photography app ReKome has been redesigned and relaunched as PhotoTime, complete with new app features, advanced technology and more that aims to automatically tag and organize each user’s imported photos, giving them an organized collection of their life’s moments.

When starting PhotoTime for the first time, uses have the option of importing images, tags and other data from their Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as their camera roll. PhotoTime does its best to recognize faces, locations and dates when photos are taken, but users can further customize their photo library with their own tags and bookmarks (saved searches). This applies to photos that may have been previously tagged by the app as well.

PhotoTimeFor instance, if a large group of photos are automatically tagged as “animal,” users could select the five or ten images from a particular location (say, a zoo) and tag them with “zoo” as well. Going forward, users wouldn’t need to search for those zoo pictures within the entire animal tag, but could instead search just for “zoo” to find them more easily.

In addition, if a person’s face isn’t recognized, users can process their own facial tags, so any future search of the person’s name shows all matching photos. Users can quickly find the photos of the people in their lives by tapping on the “people” menu in the top left corner of the screen, which provides a visual list of tagged individuals in their images.

PhotoTime is said to become smarter as users continue to catalog their images within it. For instance, any newly captured photos of previously tagged individuals would be recognized, and automatically added to any associated tags or bookmarks that match that person.

Once properly cataloged, users can share their organized images back out to Facebook, Twitter, email or text message, among other platforms. This feature includes support for sharing multiple images in a single action (on platforms that allow it) rather than requiring users to share each image individually. Dropbox support will be added to the app in a future update.

“Our photos are a precious tapestry of our lives—the moments, people and experiences that define us—and they deserve to be treasured and enjoyed in a meaningful way,” said Yi Li, CEO of PhotoTime, in a statement. “But, just as smartphones have made capturing those memories so much easier, they’ve also made organizing the fast-growing number and variety of photos much more difficult. Now our photos are scattered across devices and social networks, making it hard to find and revisit those precious memories.”

PhotoTime is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store, and is currently featured as a Best New App on the platform.